Monitor Synapse Notebooks from a Microsoft Teams Channel

Working with Spark Notebooks in Azure Synapse Spark can be challenging, especially when it comes to detecting errors in various types of for loops. While you may aim for a successful notebook execution, it’s often necessary to identify and address the functions that failed. One way to efficiently monitor notebook execution without failing the entire…

Loading your Cosmos DB data into a Synapse Spark Notebook

What is, in my experience, the best way to get data from Azure Cosmos DB. In this blog, I will provide examples of how to set up a connection to Azure Cosmos DB in Azure Synapse Notebooks. And explain the difference between the analytical store and the operational store. In my current project, I’m working…

How to CI/CD Synapse Serverless SQL

A custom solution with Python and Pandas for an incremental deployment. In this post, I will explain why I created a custom solution and how to use it. All code can be found in my GitHub Repository, linked at the end of the post.

Adding external users to your Power BI workspace — Update

In one of my first blogs, I describe a method of how to add external people to your Power BI workspace. You can read that one here. Now there is a problem with that. Before, you got an e-mail with a link to that specific workspace and could access the content. When you click on the…


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